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Vang Vieng – The Top-rated Destination in Laos

Once a popular party destination, Vang Vieng remains nowadays the top-rated destination in Laos thanks to its picturesque natural beauty of vivid green paddy fields surrounded by gorgeous limestones and also for the wide range of outdoor adventurous activities it has to offer.From mountain biking to trekking, zip lining, caving, kayaking, swimming and rock climbing, visitors can enjoy so much more of Vang Vieng than just tubing and strolling around bars like before. The impression of Vang Vieng has changed so much within couples of years lately, drawing an increasing mixture of Asian and Western tourists, coming here to experience a much slower pace of life as Laos people do.How to get to Vang ViengThere is no airport in use in Vang Vieng, as the nearest one was previously closed down. Therefore, the only way to access Vang Vieng is by road.Malany Transport operates buses and mini-vans in and out Vang Vieng, connecting this tourist hot spot with Luang Prabang (…

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